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Safari Beach Hotel: Hotel Restaurant On The Beach Patong Phuket, Thailand

Guest Helpdesk


- Universal "Adaptor" plugs are available at the Front Office.
- DIAL "0" for assistance.

Air-conditioning Controls (ANDAMAN/ SAFARI BUILDING)
- Air-conditioning controls are located beside your bed. Additional features are alarm clock, world time and lighting controls.

Air-conditioning Controls (CONTEMPORARY BUILDING)
- Located beside your Bathroom door.

Air-conditioning Controls (BEACH BUILDING)
- Located beside the door entrance.
- DIAL "0" for assistance.

Airline reservation & reconfirmation
- For all airline reservation and reconfirmation, please contact guest relations or Dial "0".

Airport (Phuket International Airport)
Please See "Government Contacts"

Airport Transportation
- To reserve an air conditioned private transfer to the airport, please contact the Front Office or dial "0".

- Room Amenities are provided for your convenience and comfort. Should you wish to purchase any item, please ask our Front Officer or dial "0".

ATM (Automated Teller Machine)
- The nearest ATM unit is located on the Front of the Hotel.